idera CDP

[root@amsbyul0800500 log]# netstat -anp|grep LIST | egrep -n “cdp”
1:tcp 0 0* LISTEN 15634/./cdpserver
5:tcp 0 0 :::5443 :::* LISTEN 15634/./cdpserver
6:tcp 0 0 :::9443 :::* LISTEN 15634/./cdpserver
7:tcp 0 0 :::8080 :::* LISTEN 15634/./cdpserver


CDP server port 8080 or 8443 ssl

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tshark vyatta sysstat

tshark -i bond0 host
Capturing on bond0
0.000000 -> VRRP 58 Announcement (v2)
0.000011 -> VRRP 58 Announcement (v2)
0.000019 -> VRRP 54 Announcement (v2)
0.000025 -> VRRP 58 Announcement (v2)
0.000032 -> VRRP 58 Announcement (v2)
0.000043 -> VRRP 58 Announcement (v2)
0.000049 -> VRRP 58 Announcement (v2)

Having the machine running continuously with debug level logging is not what we are recommending. It is a request to get more information since what is being logged is not showing us enough information to find the cause. If you are not running into the issue frequently, daily/hourly, then I would recommend enabling sysstat instead of debug logging. You can enable it by modifying the /etc/default/sysstat file to read ‘ENABLED=”true”‘ and restarting /etc/init.d/sysstat.


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get new ipmi ip address

* Push Provision Network on eth0 from the dropdown on the right. Power on the server so it PXE boots to the kernel. Leave mngmt0 on production.
* Once IPMI is functional, push Production Network on the eth0 interface and reset attempts on the transaction.

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mtr spiel winmtr

In order to help investigate this issue further, we need to gather more information. Below are all the details that will help escalate this issue:

– A Non-graphical MTR

Below are details on how to conduct these tests:

– (Windows)WinMTR or (Linux)mtr

If your operating system is Windows, then you may use WinMTR. You may get WinMTR from the URL below:

And can get instructions on how to properly use it below:

From a Linux operating system, you may run the following command:

mtr -r -c 100 -n <IP or Domain Name>

This test should be conducted from your location or your clients that are having trouble accessing our network Or to your location from the server. Once the test has completed, please paste those details directly into the this ticket, or you may attach them as a file or image. Please note that we need a 100 count MTR to and from your server.

We also will require the IP Address you are connecting from to reach your server. This IP would be used to conduct tests from our location back to you. You may find this IP by going to

In order to get the best accurate results, we recommend ether taking the firewall down, or allow echo and ICMP requests, so the server doesn’t drop traffic. If you could, please attach these details to the ticket ether in a text file, or copy/paste them.

Thank you for choosing SoftLayer, an IBM Company.

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tcpdump vyatta vrrp

Please check to see if Vyatta2 is receiving the VRRP advertisements from Vyatta1 as mentioned in prior ticket.

You can test whether vyatta1 will send VRRP traffic while it is the master node by running the following packet capture.

vyatta@vyatta1:~$ sudo tcpdump -ni bond0 vrrp

Please attach the results in the ticket.

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false ping test server

In the Customer Portal select Devices > Monitoring > YourServer. From there select the Monitoring tab, and then Manage Monitors to the right of the screen. At the next screen change Monitor Type ‘service ping’ to ‘slow ping’.

This helps to allow for any normal busy stages your server may sometimes experience and helps to reduce false positive messages.

I will set the ticket to close in 4 days in order to allow you more time to investigate this issue further.

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no password in server

if the customer has a different username that root or administrator The portal will not necesarily show the password. It will display na


If you click on the Hardware object in Edit mode, then open the Software section, the password shows up. This is not always the case as sometimes users do hide their passwords from us. For cases like this it’s best to double check if there is a password there or not, as it’ll save you time.

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