hdparm drive performance test


sudo du –max-depth=1 -h /BACKUPS/

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nc command

# nc -zuv 67
Connection to 67 port [udp/bootps] succeeded!

[root@ams1-util01 ~]# iptables -L -v -n | grep eth
0 0 ACCEPT all — bond0 * /* All bond0-eth0 traffic */
106K 17M ACCEPT all — eth0 * /* All eth0 traffic */

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editting subnets from ip be

Alllen, https://internal.softlayer.com/Ticket/ticketPreview/23869679 How do i reassign a subnet from one VLAN to another VLAN behind the same router?
(11:18) Ahttps://internal.softlayer.com/NetworkSubnet/viewSubnet/580798
(11:18) Allen : Edit subnet ownership or modify route <https://internal.softlayer.com/NetworkSubnet/editSubnet/580798&gt;
(11:19) Allen : https://internal.softlayer.com/NetworkSubnet/editSubnet/580798
(11:20) Brent: okay
(11:21) Allen : yeah if they’re behind the same router, you go to the subnet page and then can just reroute it behind a different one
(11:22) Brent : how did you get to https://internal.softlayer.com/NetworkSubnet/viewSubnet/580798
(11:23) Allen : On the top bar of ims, “Network”
(11:23) Allen : then IP Search
(11:23) Allen : and once you find it, then you can get to that

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modifiy VLAN

Hey a heads up on 23730901 when you do a VLAN change make sure you do a Null Network then Production to make sure ihas the new configuration. Had to do that to fix the issue on that one
(3:55:12 PM) brwyatt@jabber.softlayer.local/71fa98c: thanks I forgot that step. Will remeber next time

you can do a verify network to check the config. And prodcution network pushes the switch.

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nmap -Pn specific port scan

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ssh to specific port ssh -v root@ -p 4000

ssh -v root@ -p 4000

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nmap specific port

nmap -P0 -p48000-48002

Starting Nmap 4.11 ( http://www.insecure.org/nmap/ ) at 2015-11-11 15:30 CST
Interesting ports on
48000/tcp open unknown
48001/tcp open unknown
48002/tcp closed unknown

This is a zero .

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