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Microsoft moving to HTML 5 in Edge

yes silverlight will be gone now everything will work in linux


one of those techniologies which is supposed tobe here now is HTML5. HTMl5 is expected to make designers lives easier and refplace flash.HTml 5 is the reason Mozilla developers declined to update the flash plugin for mozilla since htnl5 as supposed to make it all obsolete. So here is html5

PowerPC and Fedora

IBM is dusting off the PowerPC architecture for some very dense datamining. The new square kilometre array telescope project is project to generate an exabyte a day of data and IBM is putting some water cooled Power pc chips running fedora for the purpose. Multi-core dense supercomputers, I wonder if they will be affordable for the home user.

Yum commands to roll back from upgrade

yum update –distro-sync
if updates-testing is disabled, else add –disablerepo=updates-testing



if it’s just a single package.


Kindle for Linux

UsingĀĀ  it is now possible to read Kindle books on Linux (without VirtualBox / Windows / Kindle PC).Works in most browsers.

Project Gutenberg’s beeen at it for years. Multi format even.


Android tools for linux

Look at the Fedora package googlecl

Description : This package provides command-line access to some Google
services via their GData APIs.

It will allow you to manipulate calendar events, contacts, etc, which
will then sync back to your phone.

After some investigation, I went to <;
and registered (giving the number of my Android phone).


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