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Yum commands to roll back from upgrade

yum update –distro-sync
if updates-testing is disabled, else add –disablerepo=updates-testing



if it’s just a single package.


Kindle for Linux

Using  it is now possible to read Kindle books on Linux (without VirtualBox / Windows / Kindle PC).Works in most browsers.

Project Gutenberg’s beeen at it for years. Multi format even.


Android tools for linux

Look at the Fedora package googlecl

Description : This package provides command-line access to some Google
services via their GData APIs.

It will allow you to manipulate calendar events, contacts, etc, which
will then sync back to your phone.

After some investigation, I went to <;
and registered (giving the number of my Android phone).


MAndriva May close its doors

MAndriva may be forced to file for bankruptcy if it can not arrange for another capital fusion before the end of the month.

loading smbd Fedora 16

> Ref: 3.1.6-1.fc16.x86_64
> What is the right way of always loading SMBD at startup.
> Thanks,
>     hi Lucélio,
>     the correct command is: chkconfig smb on
>     this allows you to start at boot the samba daemon

Actually, since the reference is to Fedora 16, you’ll need to use
systemctl instead of chkconfig.  You might also want to start nmb
depending upon your usage.  A combined set of commands to enable and
start both services would look like this:

systemctl enable smb.service nmb.service
systemctl start smb.service nmb.service

A great reference can be found at the following link:



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